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About us

RedSkin - the experienced team in production and export of automotive filters and auto parts. For 10 years, we provide sourcing solutions for our customers worldwide. We have established close relationships with key suppliers in China, which gives us a competitive advantage over the direct sourcing.

To cooperate with us, we offer the following service:

• Wide range of filters for automobiles and commercial vehicles

• Production of auto filters and other auto parts with high-tech equipment

• Filters for automobile engines are manufactured from high quality materials, such as galvanized steel, polyurethane foam components and filter paper

• For each client is assigned an individual price list and further adjusted depending on the volume of trade


Our team will provide the best secure deal for you. See how it works below:

1. Supplier Search

Qualification, negotiations and quotation.

2. Product Development

Scheduling and monitoring, quality control and packaging. 

3. Shipping and Payment. Insurance, customs, financing and warehousing/redistribution.

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