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A1335S / Air filter

A1335S / Air filter

HINO: 17801-3450, 17801-3450A, 17902-1150, S1780-13450, S1790-21150, 
ISUZU: 1-14215102-0, 5-86511-804-0, 5-86511-808-0
MICRO: A5618A, A5627, AV5627
NISSAN: 16546-NY003, 16546-NY014, 16546-NY015, 16546-NY101, 16546-Z9100, 16546-Z9102, 16546-Z9105, 16546-Z9106
•Provides enhanced protection and purification of fuel from impurities to improve performance and efficiency for the engine
•Sealing gasket forces air through media for contaminant removal
•High dirt-holding properties with a 98.5% efficiency
        Minimum order quantity 100 pcs
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