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AC201 / Cabin filter

AC201 / Cabin filter

FORD: 1745 604, 1745 605, 1748 479, 1748 480
HONDA: 08R79-S04-000, 08R79-S04-A00, 08R79-S05-B00, 08R79-S2H-E01, 08R79-S3Y-E00, 80290-ST3-E01, 80291-ST3-505, 80291-ST3-E01
MITSUBISHI: 7803A004, 7803A005, 7803A043, 7803A109, MZ600170
NISSAN: 1N03-61-148, 27274 WD000, 27275-0N025, 27275-1W700, 27277 4N025, 27277-4M400, 27277-4M425, 27277-9W125, 27277-AG025, 27891-BM400, 27891-BM401, 27891-BM402, 27891-BM410, 999M1-VP001, 999M1-VP051, AY680-NS002, AY684-NS001, AY685-NS001, B720-05-U100, B7200 A0125, B7200-5M000, B7200-5M500, B7200-A0025, B7200WD000, B727A-79925
•Filter out microscopic pollutants like soot, smog, and tobacco smoke that is improving the air conditioning system for better breathing
•Filters are manufactured accord with the specifications of a leading automakers
•Recommend to install every 12,000 miles
        Minimum order quantity 1000 pcs
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