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AC806 / Cabin filter

AC806 / Cabin filter

HONDA: 08R79-SEA-000A, 08R79-SEA-000C, 08R79-SEA-00C, 08R79-SEA-941, 08R79SZ3600, 80290-SDA-A01, 80290-SEC-A01, 80290SDCA01, 80291-SEP-H01, 80291-SNK-A01, 80291-T6A-J01, 80292-SDA-A01, 80292-SDC-A01, 80292-SDG-W01, 80292-SEA-003, 80292-SEA-941, 80292-SFE-901, 80292-SFY-003, 80292-SLJ-003, 80292-SNL-T01, 80292-SWA-003, 80292-SWA-A01, 80292-SYP-003, 80292-T0G-A01, 80292-TV1-E01, 80292-TZ5-A41, 80292SDC505HE, 80292SHJA41, 80292SWWG01, 80929-SEA-003
•Filter out microscopic pollutants like soot, smog, and tobacco smoke that is improving the air conditioning system for better breathing
•Filters are manufactured accord with the specifications of a leading automakers
•Recommend to install every 12,000 miles
        Minimum order quantity 1000 pcs
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