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C805 / Oil filter

C805 / Oil filter

HINO  1560B-87305
HONDA: 15400-PE6-003, 15400-PH1-000, 15400-PH1-003, 15400-PH1-004, 15400-PH1-014, 15400-PH1-400, 15400-PH1-F01, 15400-PH1-F02, 15400-PH1-F03, 15400-PK1-003, 15400-PME-T01
ISUZU: 8-94412815-0, 8-94459700-0, 8-94459700-1, 8-97112263-0
MAZDA: 0813-23-802, 0820-14-300, 0820-23-800, 1560-18-7310, 8173-23-802, 8FG1-23-802, AY10-0S-Z001, F229-14-300A, F802E-14300AB, F803-23-802, HE19-23-802, L321-14-203, Y701-14-302, Y701-14-302A, Y705-14-300
•Efficient filter media offers increased dirt-collecting capability and ability to capture more engine-harming particles
•Minimize the possibility of contaminated oil flowing back into the engine
•95% dirt-trapping efficiency
        Minimum order quantity 1000 pcs
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