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C901 / Oil filter

C901 / Oil filter

HONDA: 15400-679-004, 15400-679-023, 15400-MG7-003, 15400-PR3-T010, 15400-PT1-K02
HYUNDAI: 26300-02500, 26300-02501, 26300-02502, 26300-02510, 26300-02750, 26300-22800, 26300-2Y500
ISUZU: 8-94135747-0, 8-94411084-0, 8-94430411-2
KIA: 0B631-14-302, 0B641-14-302, OB631-14-302, OB641-14-302
MANN: W 610/7, W6018, W67/1, W6780
MAZDA: 0222-14-300, 0259-14-300, 0324-14-300, 0324-23-802, 0370-23-802, AY10-0K-E001, B630E-14-300AB, B631-14-302, B631-14-302A, B651-14-302
MITSUBISHI: 1230A040, 15208-6A00A, AY100-KE005, MD134953, MQ900436
NISSAN: 15208-6A0A0, 15208-AA100, 15208-HA000, 15208-HC010, 15208-HC430, 15208-KA000, 15208-KA080
SUBARU: 15208-AA130, 15208-AA160, 15208-KA010, 15208-KA011, 15208-KA012
•Efficient filter media offers increased dirt-collecting capability and ability to capture more engine-harming particles
•Minimize the possibility of contaminated oil flowing back into the engine
•95% dirt-trapping efficiency
        Minimum order quantity 1000 pcs
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