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EF-21010 / Fuel filter

EF-21010 / Fuel filter

FORD1596 790
OPEL: 4708795, 4807214, 77362340, 77363600, 813569, 8135690, 93181377
PEUGEOT: 1906-97, 1906-C4
SUZUKI: 15410-50F00, 15410-68L50, 15410-79J50, 15410-85510, 1541084E61, 15411-84E50, 1541179J50, 1541184E60, 15411T84E60, ZZS3-13-480, ZZS5-13-480
•Offers optimal defense against harmful contaminants to improve engine efficiency
•Increase lifespan and performance of your vehicle by removing 90% of damaging particles 
•Help to improve engine start by providing excellent filtration performance
        Minimum order quantity 1000 pcs
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